The dancing temptress

shemalecamMickey got home from work, he had been a bad day and he needed some company, he had just heard of a shemale chat site called as he came home on the train. He tried to forget about work as he had a shower and started to think about the new site he was going to look at. Chicks with dicks had always done it for him; he thought they were the ideal packet, everything rolled into one. His dick got bigger in his hand as he massaged the soap into his large and heavy ball sack as he was now full excited about seeing these chicks and wondering what they would do for him.
He sat naked at his desk in the bedroom with a towel underneath him, and a pile of tissues ready for later next to him. His thick cock stuck proudly up against his small beer belly. He typed in shemale cam chat and was amazed at all the photographs that showed up on the screen. All these beautiful ladies waiting to turn him on, Mickey gently tickled his ball sack with the end of his fingers. Pre-cum oozed out as his cock throbbed at the feel of his fingers touching himself. He looked through the photos and one seemed to stick out more than any of the others. He clicked on her photo and was more than happy to see the person for real sitting naked right in front of him on the screen. She was beautiful, Mickey’s heart beat faster as he saw her blonde wavy hair hanging way past her soft smooth shoulders. The red lipstick on her mouth, the long dark eyelashes and her smooth skin all excited him even more.
‘Hi, my name is Audrey,’ she typed into her computer which he could see as another box appeared on the screen. ‘What would you like me to do?’
Mickey licked his lips in anticipation and he moved his hand up and tickled his cock up and down its length and all around using his fingernails. His body felt hot and sweat rolled down his face as he answered her.
‘I want you to dance slowly and seductively for me. I want your hands to caress your body all over.’
She smiled and Mickey heard soft music coming through his speaker. He sat back still stroking his cock which kept throbbing. Pre-cum still oozed out nonstop as he watched her get up and dance slowly. He watched her small hips sway from side to side; her small hands with long orange painted fingernails went slowly round her small but perfectly formed tits and big hard nipples. The sound of ecstasy escaped from Mickey’s lips as her hands went down her body and on to her naked soft thighs. Her seven inch cock dangled down and Mickey watched hypnotised as it swayed from side to side, her ball sack was shaved and her hand went around her cock whilst another hand carried on caressing and pinching her nipples.
Audrey’s cock began to grow and she turned around giving Mickey a great view of her sexy ass. Mickey’s cock was now soaking wet all over with pre-cum and it was dribbling onto his hairy ball sack an onto the towel below him. He knew he was close to shooting a heavy load and rubbed his slippery cock up and down. As she bent over mickey saw her tight smooth asshole, her fingernails went either side of her delicious hole and opened it up slightly. Mickey couldn’t take anymore, his cock had had more than it could handle, and with a loud and deep cry Micky’s cock shot out streams of thick gooey spunk all over his belly, chest, and some even reached his mouth where he licked it off.
After he thanked Audrey the shemale performer he wiped himself down and wrote the name of the shemale cam site into a new and separate file to be used time and time again. That night he dreamed of Tgirl after Tgirl sucking his fat cock and when he woke up his body and sheets were soaked in his sizzling hot cum and his cock ached.